Doesn’t date, improve value of property, endless wow factor for visitors, looks clean, etc

Renovating your bathroom? Why you should consider a timeless style

If you’ve decided to renovate your bathroom or ensuite, you may be thinking “what style should it be?” This is a valid question which can seem overwhelming initially. Our professional opinion is – when in doubt, go for timeless and don’t mess about!


Let’s go through the main reasons why opting for a timeless look in your new bathroom will pay dividends for years to come:


  1. Longevity – future you will not regret your decision in choosing a timeless style bathroom. We’ve all seen bathrooms of yore and been baffled by those who chose 50’s green everything, the apricot accents of the 80s or the beach themes of the 90s – complete with stenciled starfish and ‘sponged’ paint.


Opting for fads of the moment date your bathroom very quickly. Timeless and simple design and styling will save you time, money and effort in the future, when you would otherwise inevitably have to update the look of your bathroom again.


  1. Return on investment – A simple, stylish bathroom can not only improve the value of your home, but it also has the ability to sell your house for you. It is often said in the real estate industry that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, so you would be wise to build an elegant and inviting space that future buyers can picture themselves in and enjoying.


  1. Impress visitors – elegance and simplicity are hallmarks of a timeless style of bathroom. Imagine how awestruck your visitors will be when you unveil your newly renovated bathroom or ensuite to show it off. Watch as your friends gasp at the difference a classic bathroom renovation can make.


  1. Clean lines – A timeless style bathroom can be minimal in terms of design and decoration. This contributes to the over-all look of clean lines and clear surfaces. The added benefit to this is that cleaning is a breeze!


Consider building a timeless bathroom today! You won’t regret your choice and you’ll be glad you opted for a simple and elegant design concept for many years to come. Want to get your project underway? Call us on 0425 824 492 to make an appointment at either our conveniently located CBD showroom, or we can come to you.