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Learn how using a top-quality bathroom builder can save you thousands

We’ve all heard horror stories about half-finished bathrooms, water damage being caused by shoddy workmanship and unreliable tradespeople who never turn up on time. Nobody wants to have to deal with any of this. If you don’t choose a great bathroom builder, you could find yourself in this exact predicament.


So, what makes a great builder? Let’s discuss the hallmarks of a top-quality bathroom builder so that you know what to look for, now that you’ve decided to renovate your bathroom or ensuite:



This is the most important point. Is your bathroom builder an actual builder? It might seem silly to ask, but there are lots of tradespeople who are quite good at making it seem like they are builders. Double check that they are registered with the HIA and hold actual qualifications to be able to carry out your project and comply with Australian Standards.



A great way to gauge how much experience your builder has is by checking out their previous projects. Does their website demonstrate before and after photos for you to look at? Does your builder have a showroom that you can visit? This is a great way to see examples and have a discussion around the technical aspects of a bathroom or ensuite re-build. Let the designers show you examples of their workmanship on plumbing, waterproofing and electrical elements.


Project Management

Does your builder have the capacity to project manage your build for you? If not, you may find yourself coordinating the project yourself, which can lead to endless hours of your time and frustration. If your builder can do this for you, they will be able to coordinate the tradespeople they regularly work with and know well. As industry experts, they can coordinate specific work so that no time is lost and your build is completed as quickly as possible and you can be kept up to date at every stage, with minimal disruption to your life.


Client relationships   

Perhaps the truest testament to professionalism is the relationships that a qualified builder can establish with their clients. This is achieved through communication, reliability and meeting project milestones. In discussing elements of the project, your builder should be able to provide you guidance so that you can make the right decision for your project, offer options you may not have considered and all within your budget.


Don’t tempt fate by not doing your research on your bathroom builder. At Pure Bathrooms & Kitchens, we are qualified builders with over 25 years’ worth of experience. We pride ourselves on offering a professional and quality service that puts your needs at the centre of our project. We want you to enjoy the process and we want to ensure you are thrilled with your new bathroom that leaves you singing our praises.