Our job is to guide you through the options for your new bathroom or kitchen so that you can make easy decisions around fittings and go about your life, while we focus on your project.

3d rendering modern black kitchen with wood built in

When you first decide to renovate your bathroom, you’ll need to consider some factors that will help guide the rest of the process. Here is our top four considerations:

  1. The essentials First up, it’s important to compile a list of must-haves when revamping the bathroom. Will you keep the same footprint as the previous bathroom, or can space be maximised by changing the layout? If you’re not sure, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Our design experts can assist you to create a vision that suits your needs.
  2. Your vision When considering colour options for your bathroom or kitchen renovation, a white, off-white or neutral colour scheme gives the illusion of more space in the tiniest of bathrooms. Or you could go all out and use colourful feature tiles to create that wow factor. We can show you examples in our CBD showroom or introduce you to our suppliers to utilise our trade prices.
  3. Your style Style will be discussed with our designer in depth to ensure we have distilled your preferences accurately. Whether you opt for a ‘less is more’ look or bold statement design elements, we can ensure that your bathroom appears spacious and inviting.
  4. Your inclusions Going a little more in depth now, what storage do you need? Small or large bath? Things start to get a little more interesting when we consider luxury items like a rain shower and underfloor heating. Splurges like this can add that luxury hotel bathroom feel, when the budget