When archiving some old kitchen and bathroom design magazines, I came across a magazine dated 2010 which had a very modern look kitchen on the cover.  It was a lightbulb moment that opened my eyes to a major benefit of a cutting edge design…it takes longer to date than a “safe design”.  This kitchen still looks modern 8 years later and would stand out in any current property.  A common misconception of using on trend designs is that they can go out of fashion.  This is first hand evidence to a designer that this is not the case.  Be brave and be bold- contact Pure Bathrooms & Kitchens for an on trend bathroom design from our in house interior designer.  You will be amazed at what we can achieve ….

How to design a modern bathroom that won’t date


Of course, modern design has to be carefully considered and include some clever elements to stand the test of time. Here are my top 5 tips to achieving a modern bathroom for now and for years to come:


  • Statement pieces. It’s worth considering investing in one key statement piece. A popular choice is a free-standing bath tub. Cleverly placed, it will draw the eye, making quite the highlight. Not only this, it’s also a functional and most enjoyable feature for you and your family. Similarly, floor to ceiling mirrors create the illusion of more space and lend generously to a luxury feel.


  • Linear fittings. Keep things simple with streamlined tapware, faucets and shower head options. This will assist in keeping attention on the focal points easily as there is less to look at over all. To go cutting edge, you could consider varying the finish of the fittings such as chrome, gold or matt.



  • Incorporating natural light and light fixtures is the key to a modern look. Can you install a skylight or light tube? Doing so, or ensuring there is enough adequate natural light from windows, creates an airy feeling that can add to the feeling of space in smaller bathrooms. Choosing light fixtures that are right for the space can contribute towards the mood of a room too. Some of the options include strip lighting, mirror lights, overhead lights and directional lighting.


  • Monochrome is a current style element that won’t date your bathroom. You can easily add pops of colour in your choice of towels and other decoration. The added bonus here is that you can change these items regularly to keep it looking fresh and modern for years to come. Using single accent colours draws the eye to the line formation in the room and showcases the design. Go for cool tones, such as blues or greens or warm ones like pinks and orange. Change it up with the seasons.



  • Finishing touches. This is where you can really set off the look of your bathroom. Using colour as discussed above is a great way to individualise your modern bathroom, but using inexpensive decorative items can really elevate the whole look. Current trends include; geometric shapes, the use of glass and also the use of indoor plants. All of these options will keep your modern bathroom current for years to come and won’t break the bank.


Modern bathrooms, when designed right, will remain a current look for many years to come. Feeling inspired? Call us on 0425 824 492 today to make an appointment and we can share some ideas in our friendly and relaxed Melbourne CBD studio.